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A Full House Renovation


Wolfeboro, NH

While already a full year home, this property was extremely outdated and had very limited views of the lake. It took a complete re work of the floor plan to create an exception Master Suite, Kitchen, Dining and Living room - all with water views. By opening the front staircase, as you enter - the first thing you see is the lake. The second floor was re worked to modernize the existing bath, create an open loft with skylights and an addition bedroom. Best of all is a custom mural in the kitchen that carries the actual view right into the house.

A Full House Renovation

Wentworth Style

Wentworth Style provides comprehensive services for all aspects of home design, from construction design, to interior design, to landscape consultations.  Patty works with homeowners and commercial clients to identify their style and goals for their property, then translates these visions into design.

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